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  • 💽 Latest Upload: Tfue Un-Retires For Kick Deal, Upcoming Twitch December Promo, Crown Shutting Down

💽 Latest Upload: Tfue Un-Retires For Kick Deal, Upcoming Twitch December Promo, Crown Shutting Down

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Happy Tuesday streamers,

And a very happy 🦃Thanksgiving🦃 to those of you who will be sampling an ensemble of delicious homemade dishes later this week.

if you haven’t watched The Bear, what are you doing?

Quick heads up: no 'Top Stories' section this week. There's been some interesting news (like Colleen Ballinger's apology video for her apology video), but nothing that really screamed "let's chat about this!" during my research. Usually, with each Top Story I like to throw in my take, but I didn't find anything that sparked a deep dive.

Me writing each week

Whether you're scoring epic Black Friday PC deals, staying home to game, or dodging those quirky extended family members, I hope your holiday is fantastic!

As always, thanks for taking the time to read this week’s issue. Until next time!


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📊Weekly Poll📊

Can you believe Twitch Stories has been live for a month?

It hasn’t been live for long, but Twitch is already gearing up for more features like mentions, video content, and commenting.

Streamers, how often are you diving into Twitch Stories?

Use the link below to participate in our weekly poll. Leave a comment if you’d like to elaborate on your thoughts!

The Zone

Keeping you in the loop on all things Twitch and YouTube.


  • Exciting news from Twitch Public Access on Nov 17, 2023! Get ready for the Game Awards with a new Twitch extension, letting viewers lock in their votes.

  • Join the next Twitch Community Meetup in Adelaide, Australia on November 25th and St. John’s, Canada on November 26th.

  • Twitch is planning several new updates to its new Stories feature including mentions, video, comments, and clip / image editing.

  • Twitch Hype Chat is officially deprecated. The Pinned Cheer feature will be added for all Partners and Affiliates by end of this week.

  • Twitch is introducing an "End of Year Bonus Round" promotion running from December 13th to January 2nd! Throughout this period, enjoy a 25% discount on first-time, self-paid subs or upgrades (same as SUBtember). From December 13th to December 20th, Bonus Bits will grant a 10% (or slightly more) bonus when giving over 300 Bits. Finally, don't miss out on the 25% off deal on Gift Subs from December 27th to January 2nd. Conditions apply.

  • Twitch will be doubling the amount of Tier-1 animated emote slots available to Affiliates and Partners. Partners will get access to additional slots reserved for Tier-2 and Tier-3 animated emotes.

  • Twitch Alerts will soon include third-party integration for tools like Streamlabs, Throne, Crowd Control, and StreamElements.

  • Edited clips using the Twitch Clip Editor will be eligible to show up in the mobile Discovery Feed by the end of the year with all Twitch mobile discovery surfacing in 2024.

  • GET THAT BAG! Twitch rolled out payouts for Creators who hit their payout threshold for October 2023

  • Twitch is testing a new Watch Streak progress bar on web and Android for select users. This will allow users to track their watch streak and receive perks like earning bonus channel points and sharing completed streaks in chat.


  • YouTube is rolling out updated content labels and disclosure requirements for content entirely generated or manipulated by artificial intelligence.

  • In the latest Creator Insider, YouTube confirms monetization is now permitted on channels featuring breastfeeding with a child present, even if the areola is visible. Additionally, monetization is extended to 'non-sexually graphic dancing' like grinding or twerking.

  • YouTube’s experimental AI-generated music model Dream Track will allow you to make unique 30-sec soundtracks using artists voices including: Charlie Puth, Charli XCX, Demi Lovato, John Legend, Sia, T-Pain, Troye Sivan, Papoose, and Alec Benjamin.

  • YouTube is secretly introducing new ad offerings for Shorts, allowing more advertisers to purchase ads on YouTube Shorts.

Fanatical Limited Time Black Friday Deals

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📰Must-Read Headlines

🎙️ Creator News

  • After a short-lived retirement, Tfue has emerged (literally) with a Kick deal.

  • YouTube Channel The Brain Scoop relaunches after a three-year hiatus with creator Emily Graslie as the sole owner and operator.

  • Jack 'Jacksfilms' Douglass launches Creator Bingo on his second channel promising to offer constructive feedback to creator-submitted videos. This new channel direction follows the controversial YouTube ‘punishment’ after Sssniperwolf doxxed Jacksfilms.

  • Following her infamous ukulele apology and months of silence, Colleen Ballinger publishes a video apologizing for her previous apology and addressed grooming allegations.

  • Former Twitch CEO Emmett Shear is now head of OpenAI after the company’s board agreed to fire former CEO Sam Altman.

  • Pokimane unveils a new healthy cookie snack brand 'Myna', but received backlash for calling a viewer a “broke boy” after they criticized the products rebrand and higher pricing. She has since apologized for this comment.

  • Valkyrae signs with talent agency WME.

  • MrBeast buries himself alive for seven days.

🔴Streaming News

🎮 Gaming News

  • Crown, known for delivering unique content with personalities like Myth, ActionJaxon, and ChelseaBytes, announced that it will be shutting down.

  • The Game Awards has its own Fortnite island now! Dive into the virtual world, collect trophies, and cast your vote for the best user-created Fortnite island of the year!

  • The $200 PlayStation Portal sells out just two days after its launch.

  • Epic rolls back controversial age rating system for cosmetics from Fortnite.

  • Co-op horror game, Lethal Company reaches 100,000 Concurrent Players.

  • The Indie World Showcase shared 20 minutes of gaming announcements and updates for indie titles coming to the Nintendo Switch.

👁️After receiving a Kick Deal, formerly retired streamer Tfue gives money away on a beach.

✅Tuesday To-Dos

A list of five action items for the coming week, good luck!

  1. Join - If you play mobile games like Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars, you can join the Supercell Creators program for exclusive first looks, merch codes, tools, and support.

  2. Download - The Aitum vertical plugin for OBS 29+ to make content for TikTok, Shorts, and IG Live.

  3. Watch - Nutty’s guide on OBS Multi-Streaming (Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, etc.)

  4. Create - TikTok and YouTube Shorts like MrBeast and Alex Hormozi with Submagic, a nifty tool that generates AI-powered captions in a few minutes. Create your first 3 videos for FREE!

  5. Vote - For your favorite titles in this year’s Game Awards, streaming live on December 7th.

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