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  • 💽 Latest Upload: Nickmercs Kick Deal Includes Gambling, Rosanna Pansino vs MrBeast

💽 Latest Upload: Nickmercs Kick Deal Includes Gambling, Rosanna Pansino vs MrBeast

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We’re Finally Home

Happy Tuesday streamers,

I’ve been a bit MIA in true DimTheLights style, but I've got the best reason. Remember when I transformed into Daddy Dim back in October? Well, I was writing to you from the NICU, anxiously waiting for the doctors to discharge my daughter. Happy to say she's home now and doing really well. Still got a long road with specialist visits ahead, but the main thing is she's home.

These past few weeks have been all about learning the ropes of fatherhood and being hands-on with my little one. I’ve changed so many diapers. Now that we're settling into a routine, I'm gearing up to get back into the groove of writing. Excited to dive back into covering all the latest in streaming and gaming. Huge thanks to those keeping up with my IRL updates – your support means the world to me and my fam!

Playing A Bit Of Catch Up

I've been off the radar for a bit, and man, there's a TON to catch up on! We got game launches, TwitchCon in Vegas, juicy platform updates from Twitch and YouTube, and drama that's just too good to miss. This edition is gonna be THICC with info!

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🥇This Week’s Top Stories

Nickmercs Under Fire After Signing With Kick

In its ongoing bid to rival Twitch, Kick has made headlines once again by securing an eight-figure, non-exclusive deal with gaming megastar Nick "Nickmercs" Kolcheff, following its groundbreaking $100 million contract with xQc. The move is part of Kick's aggressive strategy to lure top-tier streamers to its platform.

What sets this deal apart is Nickmercs' revelation that, as part of his one-year contract with Kick, he is set to host gambling streams. This disclosure has stirred significant online discussion, especially as both Twitch and YouTube have scaled back signing top talent. The buzz around Kick's push into gambling content is heightened by its association with the co-founders of Stake, a crypto gambling website established in 2017.

The streaming community has voiced concern about the potential negative influence of Kick's promotion of gambling content, particularly on young audiences. Nickmercs, known for his gameplay in Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, and Fortnite, has never hosted a gambling stream before. Notably, he will need to leave the country to do so, as Stake.com (distinct from Stake.us) is banned in the U.S.

While Nickmercs' announcement raised eyebrows, it also led to questions about the details of other streamers' contracts with Kick. Not all contracts of signed creators seem to include clauses for gambling streams. xQc, in particular, criticized Nickmercs' phrasing of his contract terms, suggesting that hosting gambling content might be part of a separate Stake deal, not inherently included in a Kick agreement.

The controversy has generated backlash within the streaming community, with xQc's comments intensifying criticism. As Nickmercs has yet to respond to the unfolding situation, the coming weeks will likely see further developments and clarifications on the terms of these high-profile streaming contracts. Stay tuned for updates as the story evolves.

Why This Matters:

In my view, the backlash directed at Nick "Nickmercs" Kolcheff is entirely warranted, especially considering his previous controversial statements against the LGBTQ community earlier this year. His commentary on protests involving pro-LGBTQ and conservative parents in a California school sparked criticism, leading to a subsequent clarification where he claimed to be focused on "protecting the kids" from perceived "harmful influences." I don’t think he grasps the irony of introducing his young audience to gambling content.

xQc's recent comments suggest that Nickmercs wasn't compelled into including gambling content in his Kick deal but rather made a conscious decision to sign a separate agreement with Stake. This revelation adds an extra layer to the controversy, casting doubt on the sincerity of Nickmercs' choices.

The entire situation feels disingenuous, with a stark contrast between Nickmercs' earlier stance on safeguarding kids from harmful influences and his current foray into gambling content. As the gaming community continues to dissect these developments, it remains to be seen whether Nickmercs' decisions will have repercussions on his standing in the gaming world. Only time will reveal the true impact of this controversial move, and I'll be keeping a close eye on how this unfolds.

The Attempted Cancelling of MrBeast Backfires on Rosanna Pansino

Fresh on the heels of the intense feud between Jacksfilms and Sssniperwolf, a newsworthy clash has erupted in the content creator realm, pitting Rosanna Pansino against MrBeast, aptly dubbed by Keemstar as HideNGoSeekGate.

YouTuber Rosanna Pansino took issue with MrBeast, alleging that he edited her out of a two-year-old video titled "Extreme $1,000,000 Hide and Seek". In the 12-minute video, MrBeast orchestrated a hide 'n seek competition at SoFi Stadium, featuring prominent creators like Logan Paul, Quackity, Bella Poarch, and Mat Pat. The last participant standing would win $1,000,000 for a charity of their choice. The edited video showcased highlights of the competition, revealing Larray, Logan Paul, and Zach King as the final three competitors. However, Rosanna claimed that MrBeast misrepresented the finalists, asserting that she had actually secured the third-place spot, right behind Quackity and Zach King. Expressing discontent with the video's inauthentic portrayal, she went so far as to suggest MrBeast's actions were misogynistic in a now-deleted tweet, framing it as her "standing up for herself and finding her voice."

In response to this revelation, Rosanna shared screenshots of MrBeast attempting to address the situation through a phone call, which she declined, insisting on written responses to her queries. The online community swiftly took sides in the feud, complicating matters further. Amidst the controversy, Rosanna released a music video on her YouTube channel, raising questions about the timing and impacting how fans perceived her critique of MrBeast. Subsequently, Rosanna issued an apology to MrBeast and deleted her tweets, citing feeling overwhelmed and receiving death threats. However, the apology was short-lived, as she later retracted it and deleted the corresponding tweet. The situation seemingly concluded on November 2, with Keemstar reporting that he had facilitated a call between MrBeast and Rosanna, resulting in both parties apologizing. However, no additional details about the private call have been disclosed by either party.

Why This Matters:

In my view, both parties bear some responsibility for this conflict.

MrBeast, as arguably the platform's biggest creator, wields significant influence, making it challenging to address any perceived wrongdoing. While his philanthropic endeavors and devoted fan base may shield him, his handling of this situation could have been better. Whether or not he directly edited the video is secondary; he approves the content before publication and seemed comfortable altering the competition's sequence for a more compelling narrative. While authenticity might be compromised for entertainment, better communication and empathy could have averted this escalation.

Rosanna, not known for drama, demonstrated courage in standing up for herself against YouTube's behemoth. The power dynamics, especially considering her gender, underscore the difficulties in challenging someone of MrBeast's stature. However, her ill-timed music video release damaged her credibility, and her public reactions may have hindered the support she sought. It's crucial to note that this charity event's primary purpose was fundraising, and the video's edit didn't affect the prize distribution. While Rosanna's feelings are valid, they might not justify challenging YouTube's reigning king.

YouTube Decision In Doxxing Controversy Sparks Outrage

In the latest release of the Dim The Lights newsletter, I delved into the ongoing conflict between Jacksfilms and Sssniperwolf. YouTube has now addressed Jacksfilms' appeals for accountability following Sssniperwolf's deliberate doxxing of his family's residence.

YouTube's response came in the form of a temporary monetization suspension for Sssniperwolf. Subsequently, Sssniperwolf issued a written apology acknowledging the doxxing incident and expressing gratitude to YouTube for "holding her accountable."

However, the repercussions didn't stop there. YouTube also took action against Jacksfilms. A tweet from the official YouTube handle stated, "Off-platform actions that put others' personal safety at risk harm our community, and the behavior on both sides isn't what we want on YT." Supporters of Jacksfilms swiftly criticized YouTube for seemingly taking a neutral stance, despite Jacksfilms not being involved in any actions warranting such a response.

In the aftermath of this feud, Jacksfilms released a video outlining his plans to shift focus on his secondary channel. Over the past year, he had used this channel to satirize Sssniperwolf's content by reacting to her reactions to TikToks. In these reaction videos, he aimed to provide genuine transformative value, contrasting with what he perceived as a lack of value in Sssniperwolf's reaction content. Moving forward, Jacksfilms intends to experiment with reacting to and critiquing videos from his community.

The community was taken aback by YouTube's seemingly tepid response to the feud, prompting concerns about whether this sets a precedent for handling similar incidents in the future.

Why This Matters:

The criticism YouTube is facing for its leniency in dealing with the fallout from the ongoing clash between popular creators Jacksfilms and Sssniperwolf is absolutely justified. The platform's response to Sssniperwolf's actions, characterized by many as a mere slap on the wrist, has re-ignited a broader conversation about accountability in the streaming space.

I believe Sssniperwolf deserved more severe repercussions, potentially even de-platforming. This incident raises questions about consistency in platform policies, as other creators have faced harsher consequences for less severe infractions.

While Sssniperwolf's call for her followers to retaliate against Jacksfilms is dismissed as a harmless joke, the serious nature of doxxing cannot be understated. The act, known for its potential harm and trauma, prompts concern about the adequacy of YouTube's response. Notably, other platforms like Twitch have implemented safety guidelines to guide creators dealing with doxxing incidents.

Jacksfilms, in the aftermath of the controversy, is compelled to pivot his channel's focus. Meanwhile, Sssniperwolf continues her content creation seemingly unaffected, facing only a nominal fine. The disparity in consequences has sparked criticism, with many expressing worry that YouTube's handling of this incident may set a troubling precedent for future cases.

This incident highlights the broader need for robust consequences on platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

📊Weekly Poll📊

Last time we spoke, I asked you about your most anticipated games in October.

55% of you voted for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. I’m so jealous of anyone who has a PS5 and is enjoying that game right now. I’m such a huge spidey fan, but it will be a while before I can even purchase it for myself.

This week, I saw a tweet from Thomas Frank suggesting that there will be a dramatic shift on YouTube and what creators focus on. Perhaps this MrBeast-ified platform is coming to a close and introducing something new? So I ask you: Do you agree or disagree that YouTube is shifting toward more authentic content?

Use the link below to participate in our weekly poll. Leave a comment if you’d like to elaborate on your thoughts!

The Zone

Keeping you in the loop on all things Twitch and YouTube.


Editor Note: If this section feels a bit full, its because I haven’t published a newsletter in the last three weeks. We got ALOT to catch up on😅


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📰Must-Read Headlines

🎙️ Creator News

  • Kai Cenat cameos in Good Burger 2.

  • YouTuber Joey Graceffa is raising $250K to fund a film adaptation of his mystery series Escape The Night film adaption.

  • Harris Heller interviews Twitch CEO Dan Clancy.

  • Tyga joins Kick.

  • Kai Cenat concludes his stream event, 7 Day in Jail.

  • Liza Koshy publishes her first YouTube video in over a year.

  • JiDion pivots to content focused on Christianity.

  • Dr Disrespect bashes streamers who simulcast.

  • CazeTV scores a major deal to live stream the Paris 2024 Olympics.

  • The Gayming Awards return April 224, nominate your favs.

  • Ibai and his esports team are parting ways with Infinite Reality.

  • 100 Thieves announced another layoff and plans to spin off their energy drink and gaming studio.

🔴Streaming News

  • Live.Space announced several updates to their platform including Streamlabs Alerts integration, unlimited VOD storage, and UI improvements.

  • Agentio, a platform connecting creators and brands, raises $4.25 million in seed investment.

  • Video chat app Omegle shuts down after 14 years.

  • Instagram introduces the 2023 Creators Of Tomorrow, a group of creators championing inclusivity.

  • TikTok shuts down its creator fund in favor of its Creativity Program.

  • Spill, a Twitter alternative for the black and LGBTQ+ communities, just passed 200,000 users on its one-year anniversary.

🎮 Gaming News

  • Rumors are spreading that Rockstar may reveal GTA VI this coming week.

  • The launch of Fortnite OG had 44.7 million players join the popular battle royale.

  • Pro-Palestine marches are being taken down in Roblox.

    PlayStation is removing its Twitter integration starting November 13th.

  • Following the Microsoft Activision Blizzard merger, Microsoft appoints Sarah Bond as president of Xbox, the first Black woman president at Xbox or any major multinational gaming company.

  • After being acquired by Gamesquare, FaZe Clan’s OG founders return to power.

👁️Watch: LowcoTV proposes to ChristiesKylar during TwitchCon Las Vegas Opening Ceremony

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  1. Download - Jackbox Lobbies simplifies the Jackbox Games experience for streamers and viewers.

  2. Try - Opus Clip is an AI-powered video tool that repurposes lengthy videos into shorts.

  3. Opportunity- Dare Drop is offering creators instant access to TikTok LIVE (US/CA).

  4. Watch - Blumhouse’s Five Nights A Freddy’s feature film on Peacock.

  5. Join - Twitch has opened up Unity Guild membership to affiliates. Apply through their Google Form.

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