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  • Nintendo Direct Surprises, Unity Controversy, Twitter Charging All Users Soon

Nintendo Direct Surprises, Unity Controversy, Twitter Charging All Users Soon

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👀Welcome New Members + Nintendo Direct Hype Is Real

Happy Tuesday Streamers,

I’m thrilled to have you join me for this latest edition, packed with exciting news from across the live streaming sphere.

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This week our top stories include the Nintendo Direct announcements. Nintendo unleashed a slew of exciting titles featuring their precious IP. Let’s just say if you are a Mario fan, you are EATIN’ GEWD!

Me reliving my childhood while playing the Mario and Donkey Kong sequel

Twitch had a pretty busy week announcing several new features and highlighting creators and events for Latinx / Hispanic Heritage Month.

If you’ve been considering multi-streaming to another platform, both Kick and LiveSpace announced some new developments that may sway you.

Don’t forget to check my Tuesday To-Dos offering some insights for you amazing content creators.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

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This Week’s Top Stories

Nintendo Reveals A Few Surprises In The September Nintendo Direct

The September Nintendo Direct has concluded, clocking in at approximately 42 minutes and delivering exciting news about upcoming games. There were plenty of surprises during the full presentation, but here are a few notable titles that piqued my interest!

  • F-Zero returns in a thrilling 99-player battle royale (a concept similar to Tetris 99) and is set to launch this Thursday.

  • Mario and Donkey Kong are set to receive a remake for the Switch, with the release scheduled for February.

  • The newly revealed Peach game now has an official title, Princess Peach: Showtime! and it's slated for launch in March.

  • One of Nintendo's all-time greats, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, is also in line for a Switch remake, slated for release in 2024.

Why It Matters: Nintendo has had a phenomenal year so far releasing some great titles. In the past, I have been critical of Nintendo’s lack of first-party titles. However, it appears as though Nintendo has really picked up momentum in creating new titles and remaking classic titles from their most popular IP. If you’re a content creator, you’re going to have a nice backlog!

Unity's Latest Move Stirs Up Controversy Among Game Developers

You may not be familiar with Unity, but you will know many of the games (Cuphead, Fall Guys, Among Us, Hollow Knight) built using this widely popular game engine. On September 12, the company unveiled a new Runtime Fee, which would require developers to pay for each game installation beyond a specific threshold. This announcement triggered an immediate and passionate response from developers, who raised concerns about potential issues stemming from this fee. These concerns included scenarios where charity bundles could cost developers significant sums of money and the risk of malicious users manipulating game installations to disrupt revenue. The backlash was substantial, with even prominent figures in the gaming industry, such as Geoff Keighley, expressing their displeasure.

Unity released an apology statement on September 17 via Twitter, acknowledging the negative reaction and promising changes to the policy. The statement read, "We have heard you. We apologize for the confusion and angst the runtime fee policy we announced on Tuesday caused. We are listening, talking to our team members, community, customers, and partners, and will be making changes to the policy. We will share an update in a couple of days. Thank you for your honest and critical feedback."

Why This Matters: If Unity doesn’t rollback these planned pricing changes, game developers will be forced to make some drastic changes to their development pipelines which could mean delays on upcoming titles. This is especially troublesome for the indie developer community with a few studios like Massive Monster, creators of Cult of the Lamb, already sounding off on Twitter about their concerns.

Elon Musk Confirms He Plans To Charge ALL Users For Access To Twitter/X

Elon Musk has revealed plans to introduce mandatory monthly fees for all users of his social media platform, X (formerly Twitter). This announcement comes as the platform faces challenges in rebuilding advertiser trust, with a reported 60% drop in U.S. ad revenue. Musk, speaking during a live-streamed conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, cited the need to combat bot-driven hate speech as a key reason for the subscription model. He suggested that requiring a credit card for subscriptions would deter bots from creating accounts. Additionally, Musk mentioned plans for a lower-tier pricing option, more affordable than the current X Premium subscription priced at approximately $8 per month. However, his history of changing course on such announcements has left some uncertain about the implementation of these plans.

Why This Matters: Many of us, including myself, actively use Twitter to interact with gaming brands, content creators, and friends. This change could greatly affect how viable Twitter is for outreach and community. To be fair Twitter has been on a downward spiral for a few years now, especially since Musk took the reigns. However, I think a mandatory subscription fee will only further alienate content creators (and their audiences) who will seek out other “free” social platforms like Instagram, Threads, and BlueSky. If you want to stay ahead of the game, content creators should consider investing time in building their community on other promising platforms.

📊Weekly Poll📊

Threads has been live for 3 months now! While Threads enjoyed initial success earning millions of users, usage quickly declined because of a lack of features and content.

With Twitter announcing plans to charge all users to access its platform, I want to know: Will you be spending more time on Threads? Maybe another platform?

The Zone

Keeping you in the loop on all things Twitch and YouTube.


  • Twitch Turbo revenue is now visible on the Twitch Analytics Dashboard

  • Twitch is hosting several events for Latinx and Hispanic Heritage month. Check out their custom Twitch channel directory called Together for Latin Luminarias.

    • Twitch Public Access // September 29th, 12:00pm PST

    • Unidos Twitch Stream // October 6th, 1-7pm and 2-8pm PST

    • Cooking Stream: Cocinando con Danilo, Telma, and Argie // October 13th, 12:00pm PST

  • New Global Emote: In celebration of Mortal Kombat 1's launch, Twitch introduced a special global emote, "FlawlessVictory," now accessible for all!

  • Twitch has integrated Shield Mode into the Mod Dashboard for enhanced functionality.

  • Farewell to Samantha Faught: Twitch's Global Head of PR, Samantha Faught, has departed the company after assuming the role in June 2023.

  • Streamers have the option to share their channel's mod comments with channels they are sharing ban information with.

  • Twitch is hosting its debut episode of "Let’s Chat" with special guest GassyMexican Tuesday (today!) at 12:00pm PT


  • ZoeUnlimited went from 1 million to 2 million subscribers in only 2 weeks using YouTube Shorts and video essays

  • YouTube's official channel has updated its 'Channel Recommendations' section to include several Latinx content creators covering various interests.

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Must-Read Headlines

Streaming News

  • Kick has introduced the requirements for its Creator Incentive Program, which include an average CCV of 126 (30 days), an average of 239 subscriptions per month, a minimum of 337 unique chatters per month, and a monthly streaming commitment of 89 hours.

  • LiveSpace has introduced several enhancements, including gifted subs, dark mode, a following sidebar, 4K video support, and a trending feed. It is too soon to say whether these changes are grabbing the attention of content creators.

  • TikTok is taking its first steps into the U.S. e-commerce scene with the official launch of TikTok Shop

  • The Dual Output feature has made its debut on Streamlabs Desktop, catering to multi streamers who aim to reach both horizontal and vertical platforms simultaneously. Learn how to set it up here.

Creator News

  • Two Kick streamers face defeat in the streets of Japan

  • Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed, prominent Twitch streamers, recently received an unexpected and generous gift from the CEO of Rumble, a leading online video platform—a new house in Miami.

  • Twitch streamer, meiashes, faced a permanent ban following the platform's interpretation of her sarcastic stream title as 'unsolicited sexual advances.

  • Myth announces a teaser for a new show he is hosting, 'Creator Mode,' premiering on September 27th at 4pm PT.

  • MagickMoonShot faces (well deserved) backlash after sharing transphobic comments barring trans creators from participating in an upcoming Halo community scrims they are hosting.

Gaming News

  • Fans have raised concerns about subpar graphics and visual glitches in the Nintendo Switch port of Mortal Kombat 1. Some are going to the extent of advising fellow players to steer clear of the game due to these issues.

  • Capcom is launching the Separate Ways DLC for their Resident Evil 4 remake on September 21st, allowing players to experience parts of the game's storyline from Ada Wong's perspective.

  • Yesterday marked a full decade since GTA 5 made its initial debut on PS3 and Xbox 360

  • Official support for Marvel's Avengers is scheduled to conclude on September 30, marking the end of its availability for purchase. However, players have a last chance to acquire the game as 'Marvel's Avengers - The Definitive Edition' is now offered at an impressive 90% discount, making it almost free.

  • Baldur’s Gate voice cast is doing a D&D one-shot as their in-game characters on the next episode of High Rollers.

Watch: Streamer WaterLynn Finds The Most Gorgeous View During IRL Stream

Tuesday To-Dos

A list of five action items for the coming week, good luck!

  1. Read: The Hashtag0nist shared a great thread offering advice for content creators who want to earn more game keys

  2. Support: Twitter user and professional voice actor vo_colon is spending Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month to highlight a new content creator every day. Check out who he has highlighted so far!

  3. Watch: Michael Feyrer Jr. teaches you how to create a multi-cam setup in OBS

  4. Listen: This 2 minute clip from the Think Media Podcast shows how creators can leverage hooks to improve viewer retention.

  5. Grab: What gamer doesn’t have an endless backlog of video games? I created a Notion Template to help gamers track their game library progress. Its yours for $2.99 on my Ko-Fi shop, thank you for supporting my content with your purchase!

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