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Ninja Has A New Podcast, FaZe CEO Steps Down, and ExtraEmily Car Crash

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Life Update + Newsletter Changes

Happy Tuesday Streamers,

I hope you've been well and haven't missed hearing from me over the past couple of weeks. Rest assured, everything is not only fine but absolutely wonderful! Recently, I had the joy of celebrating my wife and the impending arrival of our baby at our very first baby shower. Surrounded by our loving family, dear friends, and delectable food, the atmosphere was filled with warmth and happiness. Seeing my wife radiate with joy was the highlight of it all.

Between the planning, the celebration itself, and the post-celebration hustle, I admit it left me a little worn out. So, I've been taking some time to rest and provide my full support to my wife as we get ready for our baby's imminent arrival.

During this two-week break, I took the opportunity to revisit every newsletter I've shared since March. My goal was to bring some much-needed changes and improvements to this latest edition.

You'll notice that the content is now structured differently and includes some fresh sections. After you've had a chance to delve into all the updates, I'd love to hear your thoughts on these changes!

Enjoy the newsletter!


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This Week’s Top Stories

Ninja Joins The Podcast Lobby

If you haven't had your fill of watching Tyler "Ninja" Blevins conquer Fortnite on various live streaming platforms, here's some exciting news: you can now tune in to his brand-new podcast, "AFK w/ Ninja." This show is set to delight you with bi-weekly episodes featuring an impressive lineup of celebrities, including Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff, Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey, and the renowned streamer Chica Live. Mark your calendars for the debut episode, scheduled to drop on September 12th! Check out this audio teaser trailer.

Creator League Gets Shutdown

MrBeast's announcement of the Creator League, involving eight top influencers leading teams in a community esports tournament, revealed the incorporation of blockchain technology and led to the league's postponement, with eFuse offering refunds to Community Pass purchasers and implementing company-wide restructuring. NEAR blockchain was used for data validation related to Community Passes, though they were not NFTs. eFuse plans to proceed with a free Fortnite tournament and will announce details about the Creator League's rescheduled first split later. CdawgVA announced his withdrawal due to the blockchain use. The fate of other creators in the project remains uncertain. Here is the official statement.

FaZe Clan CEO Steps Down Amid Financial Challenges

Lee Trink, who served as CEO of FaZe Clan for almost five years, overseeing the organization's expansion into a lifestyle brand and its listing on NASDAQ, has stepped down. During his tenure, FaZe teams achieved significant competitive success, winning notable tournaments such as the 2021 Call of Duty League and CS:GO's PGL Major Antwerp in 2022. However, FaZe faced financial difficulties following its NASDAQ listing in the summer of 2022, leading to layoffs and a plummeting stock price. NASDAQ warned of potential delisting if the stock price does not stabilize by around September 19th, while the company's shares currently sit at $0.22. FaZe's financial results for the first two quarters of 2023 showed losses of around $14 million, and Snoop Dogg departed from FaZe's board in April. In July 2023, rumors circulated about a potential acquisition by Enthusiast Gaming and GameSquare Esports, although Enthusiast denied this, leaving GameSquare's stance unclear. Christoph Pachler, a former Sony and Playboy Enterprises executive, will temporarily assume the CEO role, facing significant challenges in revitalizing FaZe's fortunes. Read the official press release.

📊Weekly Poll📊

If you haven't moderated for someone recently, you might've missed the latest UI updates in the Twitch Mod View. This week, I’m curious to hear your opinions on the recent UI changes. Head over to my Twitter poll to share your insights!

The Zone

Keeping you in the loop on all things Twitch and YouTube.



  • Shorts can now link viewers to more of your content. Upload your short than go to YouTube Studio on your desktop and go to content. From there you can select a related video to direct your viewers to.

  • Friendly reminder to setup your YouTube channel’s prominent channel links. Use this space to share up to 14 links which can include your website, social profiles, and merch stores.

  • Early access to YPP is being expanded to several new countries.

  • You can now see the user-generated clips from your videos in YouTube studio.

  • Starting this November, YouTube is dropping individual ad controls in YouTube Studio for pre-roll, post-roll, skippable, and non-skippable ads on new videos. Creators will only be able to choose between having ads before or after a video on or off.

  • YouTube is experimenting with launching in-app games on the platform.

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Must-Read Headlines

Streaming News

Creator News

  • DrLupo recently announced he had re-signed for another year with YouTube. This marks Lupo’s third year streaming exclusively with YouTube.

  • MrBeast conducted A/B thumbnail testing, and the results showed that his thumbnails without an open mouth perform better for his content.

  • Dr Disrespect faces backlashes after responding to a tweet calling out his failed attempt to earn a sponsorship deal with Bethesda due to his past controversies.

Gaming News

  • In a special video message, Shigeru Miyamoto and Charles Martinet announce that Charles Martinet will step down as the official voice actor for Mario and will instead become a Mario Ambassador. There is no word who will replace Charles Martinet as the voice of Mario. Please not Chris Pratt.

  • The solo developer of the popular hit game, Only Up, delisted the game from Steam this past week. On the Steam store page, the developer explains the game has kept him under “months of stress” and this led to his decision to remove the game from Steam for his “peace of mind and healing.” The developer did tease, however, that they will be directing their energies on a new title called “Kith”.

  • During the Roblox Developers Conference (RDC) 2023 keynote, CEO David Baszucki. shared some predictions for the platform including creating adult dating experiences.

  • Microsoft is launching its own Xbox credit card.

Watch: ExtraEmily’s Car Gets Rear-Ended While Live Streaming

Tuesday To-Dos

A list of five action items for the coming week, good luck!

  1. Hispanic / Latinx Heritage Month starts on September 15th. Spend some time learning about the significance of this annual celebration and hype up your fellow Latinx streamers!

  2. If you’re actively publishing YouTube Shorts make sure you spend some time linking them to your long-form content as per recent changes from YouTube.

  3. Starting September 26th all gifted subs will be 25% OFF for Subtember. Plan your next stream to highlight the discounted pricing for your most avid supporters.

  4. Add custom thumbnails to your YouTube shorts videos to increase audience engagement.

  5. Have you selected your Featured Clips on Twitch yet? Featured Clips earn priority in Twitch’s new discovery feed on the mobile app.

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