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Everything You Missed At Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023

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Geoff Knight at Gamescom Opening Night Live

Everything You Missed At Gamescom 2023

If you weren’t already overwhelmed by the number of huge releases in 2023, get ready for a list of must-have titles to add to your wish list.

Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 showcased a ton of previously announced titles and a couple of anticipated new ones.

Here is my attempt to cover each announcement, buckle up!


During GamesCom, Starfield debuted a live-action cinematic trailer. Starfield launches on September 6 on Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC and will be available at launch on Xbox Gamepass.

Ara: History Untold

Ara revealed its brand-new gameplay trailer at Gamescom 2023 giving us a sneak peek into this immersive experience.

Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition

Age of Empires fans will be happy to know that the game is now available on Xbox Series X/S.

Alan Wake II

Remedy showed off a unnerving new trailer for Alan Wake II. While previous teasers have focused on a new protagonist, this trailer brings it back to the titular character. This long-awaited sequel launhces on October 27th.

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon

FromSoftware’s legendary mech series is back with its sixth installment. Hype has been building for sometime now, but the game will finally launch in a few days on August 25th.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage

This narrative trailer, featuring Arabic voice acting, shows off the immense scale of the city of Baghdad. Get ready to dive into many haybales on October 5th.

Black Myth: Wukong

This gorgeous action-RPG shows off the colorful and strange world inspired by traditional Chinese folklore. Look forward to swiping this sometime in 2024.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare III

The sequel to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will pit Captain Price and Task Force 141 against the ultimate threat: the ultranationalist war criminal Vladimir Makarov. This 10-min first level trailer showcases new campaign gameplay and a new feature called Open Combat Missions that aims to provide more player choice.

The Crew Motorfest

Car enthusiasts will get behind the wheel of some extremely flashy vehicles on September 14.

Crimson Desert

Experience the untold tale of mercenaries struggling to survive in the unforgiving lands of Pywel in this explosive trailer for Crimson Desert.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

The new trailer shows off the Phantom Liberty expansion which includes new abilities, vehicles, and an overhauled Perk system. Cyberpunk 2077 will also be receiving a 2.0 update for the base title; available on current-generation consoles and PC.


A new narrative-driven action-adventure game set in a neo-Western America. Dustborn has players venture across this alternative version of America to build relationships with their crew of ragtag musicians.

Diablo IV: Season of Blood

Season 2 of Diablo IV is bringing vampires to the hellscape. This expansion will feature a new questline, new vampiric powers, and 5 new end-game bosses. Lazlo Cravensworth would be so giddy right now.

The JRPG revealed a rich narrative trailer featuring colossal bosses, character dialogue, and cinematic cutscenes. The game is expected to land on February 1, 2024.

Expeditions: A Mudrunner Game

The creators of Snowrunner and Mudrunner bring us a new open-world driving sim focused on the off-road experience.

The First Descendent

This sci-fi looter shooter showcases slick gunplay and armor cosmetics set to a beautifully haunting score. The grave walkers look INSANE.

Fort Solis

Look, a title that is already released! Fort Solis is a single player third person thriller set over one long night on Mars. This sci-fi psychological thriller promises a high-quality, narrative-driven, cinematic experience. The game also features some recognizable voice talent like Troy Baker, Roger Clark, and Julia Brown.

Little Nightmares III

The atmospheric announcement trailer introduces us to two new characters and a few new game mechanics. As a huge fan of the first two installments, I’m very excited to sink my teeth into this one.

Lords of the Fallen

The upcoming Soulslike action-RPG promises to outdo its 2014 predecessor. You play as a Dark Crusader tasked with overthrowing Adyr, the demon god. Get ready to face him on October 13th.

Marvel SNAP

Marvel SNAP announces its PC version available on Steam with a fantastic trailer featuring Marvel heroes and their many multiversal variants.

Mortal Kombat 1

The anticipated reboot in the long-running fighting franchise gets a new trailer.

Sonic Superstars

The latest installment in the Sonic franchise is offering a vibrant co-op experience reminiscent of the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose in this new take on the 2D classic. Sonic Superstars launches on October 17th.

Some More Trailers From Gamescom

Last week, I asked your thoughts on whether xQc’s ideas around react content would be considered stealing. The majority of users voted in agreement. The discourse has continued online, but has died down significantly. It is very likely xQc won’t be held accountable in any meaningful way and will continue streaming full movies or republishing YouTube content on Kick.

Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts! Look for a new poll later today on Twitter.


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Twitch News

  • With SUBTEMBER returning August 31st, here is what is new in 2023:

    • Get 20% off merch in the Twitch Loot Cave, in the US, UK, and Germany

    • Discounts include: 25% off 1-month subs | 25% off 3-month subs | 30% off 6-month subs

    • Get 25% off all gift subs starting September 26th

  • Long-time streamer Moist Cr1TiKaL ends his contract with Twitch in favor of experimenting on other platforms. Watch him share more in a recent YouTube video.

  • Twitch is rolling out an update next month that will FINALLY let you block banned users from viewing your stream.

  • Event Prompts were rolled out to all users adding another way to interact with chat.

  • Twitch introduces new ambassadors including CDawg and Loserfruit! Check out everyone who joined.

  • Variety’s Strictly Business podcast interviews Twitch CMO Rachel Delphin

YouTube News

  • Nothing new this week 🕸️

Kick News

  • Evolved, a talent agency working with xQc, Alinity, and Jerma985 signs SNOH, a just chatting streamer who recently signed with Kick.

Social News

  • Instagram is introducing Live Notes to its platform.

  • Discord is working on adding more metrics to Server Insights.

  • The Opera GX web browser debuts its own VTuber called GX Aura. Originally created as the Discord community mascot, GX Aura can now be found streaming on Twitch.

Gaming News

  • Gamescom 2023 had a stellar Opening Night live presentation featuring a preview of several upcoming titles.

Creator Chatter

  • A new live streaming platform Live.Space shook up the streaming space with a surprising offer to new streamers: 100% sub-split for 1,000 streamers for their first year on Live.Space. Read the Full Details here.

  • A recent BBC article discusses how streamers like Kai Cenat and Amouranth make bank while sleeping on stream.

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