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  • Channel Redemption Alerts Are Here! Threads Loses Half Its Users! Feelings on Twitter

Channel Redemption Alerts Are Here! Threads Loses Half Its Users! Feelings on Twitter

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How Do We Feel About Twitter (X)?

Last week, I shared some thoughts about the trajectory of Twitter and some suggestions for those of us who may want to distance ourselves from the platform.

I’d love to hear your opinion in our very first ✨Newsletter Poll✨

Speaking primarily to streamers, I’m curious how you feel about Twitter after many of the recent changes that have occurred in the last few weeks.

Feel free to reply to the poll if you have additional insights!

Poll also available on my IG stories 😋

This past week was a slow week in streaming news, but please enjoy the latest headlines below!

Twitch News

  • Twitch Chief Product Officer, Tom Verrilli is leaving the company. See his announcement here.

  • Twitch CEO Dan Clancy accidentally demonstrates how the Twitch / Creator revenue split works feat. ExtraEmily

  • StreamElements reports that Twitch’s daily watch time has steadily increased

  • Channel point alerts are now available on Twitch’s native alert system.

  • Twitch is launching a Safety Series to highlight its approach to safety challenges through blog posts, Q&A’s, and presentations.

  • Twitch is planning to restrict who can view follower / following lists after August 3rd.

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