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Twitter Is Dead. What Should Content Creators Do Now?

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Elon Pulls His Biggest Stunt Yet

Earlier this week, Twitter died. As promised, Elon rebranded Twitter into X. Gone is the little blue bird, replaced by an ominous ‘x’ icon. Aesthetically, the changes to Twit-sorry I mean X’s site are minimal, but this marks a HUGE update for the platform.

According to X CEO Linda Yaccarino, the rebrand is another step in the ongoing transformation of Twitter to become the “everything” app.

Many users were surprised by this sudden change. However, the dismantling of the Twitter brand has been occurring slowly for quite some time now. If you’ve been paying close attention to how Elon has managed Twitter over the last few months, this latest development may be par for the course.

Why Twitter’s Rebrand Is A Terrible Move

Elon’s hasty decision to rebrand Twitter may have cost the company between $4 billion to $20 billion in value. Regardless of how you feel about Twitter, it is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Twitter coined terms like ‘retweet’ and ‘tweet’ that people use constantly. The distinct blue color and bird logo separated Twitter from other social media platforms. With one letter (“x”), Elon managed to wipe away 15+ years of brand equity. Anything that made Twitter distinct is now gone.

Users aren’t the only ones leaving the platform as a result of these ongoing changes. For someone who has publicly shared how Twitter is bleeding cash, it sure wasn’t smart of Elon to radically change the platform and scare off more advertisers, one of Twitter’s main revenue sources.

Twitter was never perfect, but it is now officially unrecognizable. Twitter is bleeding cash, users, and advertisers. Maybe it is finally time to get off this run away train…

What can Content Creators do?

Twitter has been my primary social platform for the last two years. It helped me meet new creators, learn about new brands, engage with others and keep up with news in the spaces I care about most. But with Twitter morphing into an Elon Musk echo chamber, I can’t help but wonder if my time on this platform is over. You might be asking yourself the same question. So what should we do?

1. Migrate To A New Platform

One lesson I learned early in my content creation journey was to diversify. The same way many creators recommend multi-streaming on different live streaming platforms it is important to publish content on several social platforms. If you haven’t already been publishing content to other platforms, this might be the best time to make that transition.

With Twitter becoming a literal dumpster fire, I’m interested in further exploring alternatives like Instagram and Reddit (platforms I already publish to). I’m also hopeful for newer platforms like Threads and Spill. I can’t predict which platform will be ideal for creators, so its best to spend some time on each and explore the possibilities.

2. Inform Your Community

Before you completely jump ship, it is important to give your community time to recognize the changes you are making. Chances are they are fed up with Twitter too. This may be a great excuse for them to move with you to a new platform. The goal is to communicate with your community and let them know what is going on. Allow for a short duration of time to announce your transition. This may mean posting on Twitter during this time or not. You could simply pin a tweet explaining the circumstances and sharing where users can find you next.

3. Repost Your Best Content

As you transition to a new social platform, you may want to review some of your best performing tweets. This content can be reposted and will help you measure engagement during your transition.

4. Build Content Rapidly

If you weren’t already publishing content regularly on the new platform, you may want to plan ahead to fill the void. The last thing you want to do is let your community know you’re moving to a new social platform and then go radio silent for the next 6 weeks. Plan ahead and figure out what you’ll be sharing.

You could post the same content you posted on Twitter. However, it is important to note that certain content may perform better on different platforms. If you were sharing gameplay clips on Twitter, you may need to make some adjustments when posting on Instagram or TikTok. Alternatively, this may be an opportunity to add some new content to your feed and experiment with new formats.

Many of you have built a following on Twitter and might be wrestling with the idea of leaving all together. Watching Twitter continue to dissolve into nothingness has been pretty discouraging, especially if you rely on Twitter to share your content. But don’t give up hope! There will always be another social platform. What is most important is that you are ready to pivot as needed.

If you do plan on transitioning to a new platform, I’d love to hear about your experience!

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