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Why I Believe Content Creators Should Join Threads NOW

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In Its First Week, Threads Reached 100 Million Users. Where Do Creators Stand?

Chances are you’ve already seen all the buzz around Mark Zuckerberg’s new baby, Threads. Built by the Instagram team, Threads is a new text-based social platform billing itself “as a new, separate space for real-time updates and public conversations.”

This Looks Familiar…

You’d be correct in saying that it looks and functions a lot like Twitter. That is very much intentional as Threads joins other Twitter clones like Mastadon, and BlueSky (created by Twitter’s original founder, Jack Dorsey) in attempting to dethrone Twitter. This initial version of Threads allows users to publish text updates, images, and videos on a very clean and minimalist timeline. This mirrors Twitter’s core experience. Here is a quick overview of the app:

Home: A default feed showing updates from users you follow and some suggested accounts.

Search: Search for users by username. Currently, there is no ability to search for keywords, topics, or trends.

Compose: Users can create a new thread (read: post) and fill it with text, images, or a video.

Activity: Users can see their likes, reshares, replies, and mentions

Profile: Your public profile displays your username, bio, and profile picture. This space also has links to your general settings, your privacy settings, and a shortcut to your Instagram profile (more on that later).

Sharing: A feature I personally love is the ability to share your Threads directly to Instagram as posts or stories.

Honestly, nothing ground-breaking. It would even be fair to say the app is pretty bare bones in its first iteration.

So what makes Threads so different?

How Threads Sets Itself Apart

Less Hot Takes, More Fun Mates

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, described Threads as an “open, civil place for people to have conversations”.

Already the platform feels different in that most conversations you see while scrolling through your feed are more friendly and more respectful.

I believe a huge reason discourse has been more civil on Threads (so far) is the new platform’s connection to Instagram.

If you didn’t know, your Instagram and Threads accounts are connected. If you have a pre-existing Instagram account, you can quickly create a Threads account and import all your profile information. There is even a neat option allowing you to follow the Threads accounts of everyone you already follow on Instagram.

Chances are your Instagram follower list includes plenty of IRL friends, family, and maybe even coworkers. This could be good or bad, depending on how you interact in spaces like Twitter / Threads.

Compare this to Twitter which focuses more on anonymity and rewards polarizing opinions. The lack of anonymity on Instagram, and by extension Threads causes users to engage in more appropriate discourse.

I find myself engaging in ACTUAL conversations as opposed to deflecting a constant barrage of hate-fueled incels, wannabe graphic designers, spam bots, and clickbait tweets.

No Advertising (Yet)

I’m so used to being bombarded by advertising on every social network I use, that I immediately felt relieved by the lack of ads on Threads.

Every post you view is either someone you follow or a suggested / recommended account based on accounts you already interact with.

Now, before you celebrate it is important to look at historical context. Meta (formerly Facebook) has done everything possible to inject ads into the Facebook and Instagram platforms. It is highly likely this tranquil utopia on Threads will be short lived. But, I recommend you enjoy it while it lasts!

Missing Features

As I mentioned before Threads is a REALLY simple mobile app. If you’re planning to ditch Twitter entirely, you might want to compare the two apps carefully.

  • Threads is only accessible via mobile device, no web platform.

  • Threads does not have direct messaging.

  • Threads does not have advanced search.

  • Threads accounts cannot be deleted unless you delete your Instagram account. (It can be deactivated though.)

  • Threads does not allow you to edit your published threads.

  • Threads default feed is not customizable.

  • Threads lacks any accessibility functions.

While this might turn some away from the platform, I think its important to put everything into perspective. Twitter, as it exists today, did not include all the features on day one. It has had years to evolve into the platform (read: the dumpster fire) we scroll through every day.

I believe Zuckerberg strategically focused on a user-friendly experience that presented the essentials. This allows to community (through ongoing feedback) to dictate what features to prioritize. I’m sure the team behind Threads are already building the next bundle of features as we speak.

Why Should Content Creators Use Threads?

I can already hear you saying, “Dim…not another platform.” Look, I get it. I’m not thrilled about adding yet another social platform to my content creation process. I know you already have a lot on your plate…

…Simulcasting to Twitch, YouTube, and/or Kick

…Shitposting on Twitter

…Sharing your “going live” post to Instagram stories

…Commenting on several game-specific subreddits

…Editing clips for YouTube Shorts, TikTok and Reels

I’m sure I’m missing some things. The point is you are SWAMPED.

BUT, I think you should start posting to Threads anyway. Here is why:

1. Synergy with Instagram

Active Instagram users have already gotten a BIG head start because Threads makes it easy to follow everyone you already follow on Instagram.

I think this addresses the main issue with any new social platform: starting from scratch.

Meta thought ahead and allows you to tap into the network you’ve already built, which is incredible.

Not to mention, your content on Threads can be easily shared to Instagram as posts or stories allowing you to hit two audiences at once.

2. 100 Million Users in 7 Days

Make no mistake, people are hyped about this new platform. Threads is the fastest growing social network period. Creators have a unique opportunity to get in early and start engaging with this new userbase.

The lack of advertising, huge corporate accounts, paywalled features, and spam bots means your content is more likely to reach ACTUAL PEOPLE. Isn’t that nuts?

Threads has yet to tap into Instagram’s 1.6 billion worldwide users. Expect Threads to continue gaining new users over the next few years.

3. Threads is brand-friendly

Twitter incentivizes rage baiting, toxic politics, the spread of misinformation, and controversial topics. Twitter is no longer brand-friendly and as a result brands have pulled their advertising $$$ from the platform.

Threads does not want to be Twitter. In fact, it promises to be better. While there is no advertising yet, it is inevitable.

However, this is great news for creators who benefit from Threads more civil discourse. By building a community on Threads, creators have new opportunities to work with more brands and gain access to sponsorship deals.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Threads eventually offers some monetization options for creators later down the line.

4. People Like To Follow People

On Threads, you don’t have to publish clickbait or share polarizing hot takes. So far, Threads seems to reward authenticity.

Accounts receiving engagement boosts are focusing on being relatable and authentic. Here are some quick tips:


  • Invite conversation by asking questions

  • Share your ‘stream of consciousness’

  • Offer your community high value insights

  • Focus on authentic interactions with other users

  • Show off your personality


  • Spam promotional posts (ie. going live)

  • Excessively sharing external links

  • Use hashtags. They don’t exist yet.

  • Share inflammatory / controversial / rage bait content

Be your authentic self!

Final Thoughts

Personally, I’m really excited to see where Threads will be in a year. I expect it to grow dramatically, especially if Instagram fulfills its promises to continue adding new features. What do you think about Threads?

If you’re on Threads, connect with me!

Twitch News

  • TwitchCon Paris 2023 wrapped up this weekend. Esfand, Jinnytty, and even Twitch CEO Dan Clancy were on the floor IRL streaming the event. If you want to see what you missed, catch the VODs on Twitch’s channel: Day 1 and Day 2.

  • Twitch Clip Editor is getting some much needed upgrades. The editor will be available on mobile, allow direct exporting to TikTok, trim functionality, and grant access to channel editors.

  • Twitch is introducing a new Discovery feed to the Twitch mobile app. It will be similar to the TikTok FYP or Instagram Reels feed. This will allow users to discover new creators through clips. Creators will be able to select Featured Clips for their channel. Coming this Fall.

  • Twitch is also receiving a Stories feature allowing creators to communicate with their community through clips, polls, text updates, and images. Just like Snapchat and Instagram, these stories will vanish after 24 hours. Expect this feature to debut in October of this year.

  • Guest Star continues to get more updates. The latest update will allow creators to ‘stream together’ with up to 5 other creators through the Guest Star feature. This will greatly simplify collaboration and make it much more accessible.

  • Twitch is adding Shared Mode Comments to combat serial harassers. This feature will allow creators to share notes with other creators on why specific users were banned.

  • Twitch Alerts are getting Shield Mode integration, alert randomizer, and emote customization for celebrations.

  • Twitch is adding more Stream Events to help you celebrate your streaming milestones. The update will add IRL birthdays and first-time-you-streamed anniversaries. Currently, this feature only supports your annual stream-versary.

  • Twitch is adding a Ad Countdown Timer to keep creators informed and minimize ads that distract from the viewing experience.

  • Whew! That was so much. You can read more about all these platform updates in Twitch’s blog post here.

YouTube News

  • A new Creator Round Up video reveals some new changes including a ‘Sort By Oldest” video, lower eligibility criteria for the YouTube Partner Program, and access to YouTube shopping. Watch Full Video

  • YouTube is testing a lock screen feature for Premium Users. This will disable touch screen input to avoid unintentionally pausing, skipping or selecting a suggested video.

Growth Tips

Gaming News Highlights

Creator Chatter

  • Meta introduced text-based social app, Threads, and amassed over 100 million users in its first week. Read Instagram’s announcement here.

  • YouTuber Ryan Trahan raises $400K for water.org in his latest penny challenge.

  • IcePoseidon faces 5 years in prison for giving his girlfriend a lap dance in lingerie while at a restaurant in Bangkok.

  • Ricegum, who has earned over 10 million YouTube subscribers and 1.2 million Twitch followers, has signed to Rumble.

  • Twitch CEO Dan Clancy lends a hand when a TwitchCon guest gets stopped by security.

  • Nick, Malena and Caroline get escargot in Paris, featuring the deafening bells of Notre Dame.

  • Elgato

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