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Twitch Patch Notes Episode Reveals More Details About Recent Policy Changes

Ray Apollo and Mary Kish sit down with Mike Minton, Twitch’s Chief Monetization Officer, to clarify several recent policy changes made by Twitch.

Mike Minton dives into how Twitch is working on improving communication between staff and users to ensure policy changes are understood. He also explains that there is a formal process for how Twitch receives feedback from users regarding policy changes to smooth the process.

This episode covers:

  • Addressing recent communication issues

  • Twitch Turbo

  • Content Classification Labels

  • New Creator Dashboard

  • Native Twitch Alerts

  • Twitch Partner Plus Program

  • and other Questions from Chat

Personally, these Patch Notes episodes are an incredibly important resource give us direct access to Twitch leadership like Mike Minton and Dan Clancy (Twitch CEO). Hearing their first hand perspective and listening to how they answer difficult questions (from the host and from chat) gives a really good sense of where their head is that regarding changes to the platform.

If you’re a streamer reading this, I greatly encourage you to listen in.

Twitch News

  • Twitch introduces Hype Chat to Partners with a 70/30 revenue split

  • Twitch introduces mandatory Content Labels for mature-rated games, sexual themes, violent and graphic depictions, and more

  • Twitch introduces a new Creator Home Dashboard featuring important insights about creator channels. Learn more on the Twitch Help Article


Welcome To #FortniteWILDS

Fortnite Chapter 3 just launched the latest season and it is filled to the brim with new POIs, weapons, cosmetics, and of course a new Battle Pass.

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  2. Earn XP to gain 15 seasonal levels

  3. Earn the in-game ‘Gimme Moire’ wrap

Gimme Moire Wrap

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YouTube News

Gaming News Highlights

  • Only Up! is a trending game capturing the attention of many streamers large and small. Suitchi7 has the best speed run (21:09:63) for this challenging platformer.

  • EA restructures to divide the business into EA Entertainment and EA Sports

  • Xbox Game Pass gets a price hike

  • Nintendo’s June 2023 Direct revealed huge Switch titles including Super Mario RPG, Sonic Superstars, and Super Mario Bros. Wonder

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