Did Sony's PlayStation Showcase Deliver?

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My Favorite Reveals from the PlayStation Showcase

We’re officially moved into our new apartment! Wifey and I spent the long holiday weekend organizing our things and making the apartment feel more like home. While I was busy setting up the living room, I put on a replay of the PlayStation Showcase and was pretty excited about all the reveals.

Here are some notable games I am personally hyped for:

1. Spider-Man 2

Let's get the obvious one out the way: SPIDER-MAN 2. So excited to see this next installment, especially with the introduction of the symbiote suit. During the showcase, Sony revealed a long sequence featuring gameplay that was thrilling and multi-layered. I specifically loved how both Miles and Peter seamlessly worked together. Getting this Day 1. See Gameplay Reveal

2. The Plucky Squire

The Plucky Squire blends 2D and 3D gameplay in what will probably be the cutest looking game of 2023. I love games like this and already added it to my Steam wish list. Watch The Trailer

3. Phantom Blade 0

Phantom Blade 0 wins just on art style alone. This game is right up my alley blending dark visual, intricate martial arts, and steampunk inspired architecture. Oh, and of course punishing combat. Watch The Trailer

4. GhostRunner Sequel

GhostRunner is a wildly fun action platformer and I'm pleased to see it getting a much deserved sequel. The fast-paced slasher set to the looming cyberpunk structures is *chef's kiss*. Watch The Trailer

5. Neva

Neva follows Gris as a visually-arresting platformer that will probably make me sob. So yeah, I'll be playing it. The trailer is gorgeously animated so I’ll let it speak for itself. Watch The Trailer

Was the Showcase A Flop?

Gamerant reported a rumor that there may be a second showcase later this year because opinions following the May showcase skewed negatively.

I personally didn’t feel like the showcase failed in any respect. I actually appreciated that they devoted time to many upcoming indie titles and had a few major reveals like the Metal Gear Solid remake.

Perhaps most gamers were expected more first-party reveals because it was a PlayStation showcase, but I really enjoyed the variety of games that were shown during this presentation.

Not only that, but they also had a segment that featured many new VR titles and a competitor to the SteamDeck.

I’d love to know what got you excited so definitely hit me up on Twitter.

Alright, there was a TON of news this past week. ENJOY!

Twitch News

  • Updates to Twitch’s Terms of Sales page suggest Bits may be removed from the platform soon.

  • Twitch tested a new version of their Channel Switcher, which promises users ad-free browsing to discover new streamers.

  • Twitch is increasing the price of Turbo to $11.99 in the USA, and $13.99 in Canada

  • Twitch is shutting down Soundtrack on July 17th and released an article officially recommending other DMCA-safe music platforms.

  • twitchemotes.com spontaneously shutdown this past week with the creator stating they no longer want to continue supporting the site.

  • After 10 years in Twitch Partnerships, Chris Mead is moving on from Twitch.

  • Twitch faced major backlash after publishing (then deleting) a tweet for AAPI month heritage month. Yikes.

  • Twitch denies a streamer partnership for the 23rd time despite having nearly 500K followers.

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