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  • Must-Read Highlights: 2024 Streamer Awards Recap & The Future for Small Streamers on Twitch

Must-Read Highlights: 2024 Streamer Awards Recap & The Future for Small Streamers on Twitch

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Casuals when the Streamer Awards nominees were announced

Happy Tuesday Creators!

Wow, what a whirlwind of a week we've had, right? Can you believe its almost March. I cry.

The 3rd Annual Streamer Awards absolutely stole the show this weekend, and I need to know if you managed to catch any of it live. Remember how I had a few... let's call them "notes," for QTCinderella's show last year? Well, I gotta say, this year felt like an overall improvement - aside from those few moments where I could've done without the cringy roast bits. How about we skip that part next year, eh?

But let's talk about what really mattered - the awards themselves. This year blew me away with the categories and the spotlight on some fresh faces alongside the usual suspects. It's clear QT pours her heart into making this event a standout moment of the year, already planning the next one as soon as the curtains close. If you missed the event don’t worry, scroll down for a recap!

And because I can't let you go without a few goodies - dive into this week’s Tuesday To-Dos for some killer deals on games, gear, and some golden opportunities for you content creators out there.

Get ready for some top-tier con-con-content!

Catch you on the flippity flip,


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Tuesday To-Dos

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🥇This Week’s Top Stories

via Streamscharts.com

The Streamer Awards Breaks Twitch Viewership Record

The 2024 Streamer Awards lit up The Wiltern in Los Angeles on February 17th and 18th, packing the house with the crème de la crème of the streaming world across 28 award categories. This year's ceremony not only saw a boost in viewership from last year but also underscored its status as a highly anticipated event in the live streaming community.

By the Numbers:

  • 3.2M Hours Watched

  • 645.1K Peak Viewers

  • 339.8K Average Viewers.

Hosted by the ever-charismatic QTCinderella on her Twitch channel, the event was a global spectacle, allowing over 400 channels to co-stream the nearly ten-hour marathon of celebration and recognition.

Here’s a quick winners recap:

  • Kai Cenat - Streamer of the Year + Best Just Chatting Streamer

  • Jynxzi - Best Breakthrough Streamer + Gamer of the Year

  • Valkyrae - Sapphire Award

  • Maximilian_Dood - Legacy Award

  • CaseOh_ - Best Variety Streamer

  • Ironmouse - Best VTuber

  • Quackity - Best International Streamer + Best Minecraft Streamer

  • Ludwig’s Creator Dodgeball World Championship - Best Streamed Event

  • Lethal Company -Stream Game of the Year

  • EverythingNowShow - Hidden Gem Award

  • NoraExplorer - Rising Star Award

  • Tarik - Best FPS Streamer

  • DisguisedToast - Best Strategy Game Streamer

  • Liam - Streamer’s Choice Award

  • ExtraEmily - League of Their Own

  • Name Your Price - Best Streamed Series

  • AMP - Best Content Org

  • NMPLol - Best Shared Channel

  • Jinnytty - Best IRL Streamer

  • Fanum - Best Roleplay Streamer

  • IitzTimmy - Best Battle Royale Streamer

  • Wirtual - Best Speedrun Streamer

  • Etoiles - Best Fighting Games Streamer

  • PirateSoftware - Best Software and Game Development Streamer

  • LOLTyler1 - Best Chess Streamer

  • RubberRoss - Best Creative Arts Streamer

  • Sodapoppin - Best MMORPG Streamer

The Streamer Awards highlight the peaks of success in the streaming world, but every streamer's journey starts with that first live button click. Here's to creating, streaming, and maybe, winning an award someday.

Are Small Streamers Doomed On Twitch?

Last week, Twitch's CEO Dan Clancy had a sit-down with Latin-American Twitch Partners @Lunaria, @VickyPalami, and @Rociodta, and let's just say it was...interesting. Amid the awkward silences and less-than-stellar stream quality, they delved into some pressing issues facing Twitch, especially in the LATAM region—everything from market challenges to Twitch Rivals and an OBS Beta specifically for LATAM streamers.

Here's something that caught my attention: Clancy opened up about Twitch's attempts to lift smaller streamers. Turns out, those efforts backfired, leading to a dip in overall hours watched without any real growth for those smaller channels. Clancy was candid, emphasizing that Twitch isn't the puppet master of site traffic it's often made out to be. He shared that Twitch’s efforts are focused on improving the live streaming experiences as opposed to solving discovery issues on the platform. He believes that most viewers spend little time on the discovery page but are more likely to be chilling on their favorite channel's page.

The big takeaway? Twitch doesn't have a magic formula for small streamer growth. The platform's hierarchy isn't shifting anytime soon. So, what's a small streamer to do? Jump ship to YouTube or Kick? Not necessarily. Despite its flaws, Twitch's community and live streaming experience for both streamers and viewers remains unmatched.

It's a tough pill to swallow, knowing that the path to growth is more about organic connections than algorithmic boosts. Yet, it's a reminder that at its heart, Twitch is about community and those genuine viewer-streamer bonds. Will Twitch find a way to address its growth dilemma for smaller creators? Only time will tell.

  • Twitch dropped new Default Emote animations! Check out Arrive, Giggle, Zoom, Rain, and Dance in the Emote Manager.

  • Twitch is experimenting with a new feature to make it easier for streamers to find communities to raid.

  • Twitch updated the language for account enforcement and chat bans to address the European Digital Service Act (DSA). Make sure you read through it!

  • YouTube launched a new post-only feed for Android and iOS making it even easier to discover posts from channels you follow. Take advantage of this increasingly popular feature to communicate with your subscribers!

  • Mobile creators can now upload videos right from your device gallery using the YouTube Studio app.

  • YouTube will give eligible channels 10 gifted subscribers each month for FREE. A great way to reward your community at no cost to you!


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🎙️ Creator News

  • Kotaku Australia interviews YouTuber and Streamer Awards Winner Valkyrae. She discusses her role in the film “The Family Plan”, her streaming philosophy, and her future goals. Read it here

  • FanFan reveals she only made $150K in 2023 highlighting the misconception that most streamers are millionaires. View Clip

  • The Botez sisters are no longer signed with Optic Gaming. They originally signed back in August of 2022.

  • Ninja is launching a cashew-based chocolate milk called Nutcase.

  • Campaign US interviews Ninja to discuss his experience multi-streaming on Twitch, YouTube and TikTok.

  • MrBeast Feastables gets a rebrand and celebrated in MrBeast fashion: giving away $10,000 everyday for 30 days.

  • Hank and John Green shattered records with their 17th annual “Project for Awesome” charity livestream, raising an incredible $3.4 million! The funds are set to benefit vital nonprofits like Partners in Health and Save the Children

🔴Streaming News

  • TikTok is trying out a new feature called Sub Space to help creators connect more with their paid live viewers.

  • Digiday recently held a Twitter Spaces talk with experts like Slasher and Jacob Wolf to discuss the future of gaming and esports. Check out their 70-minute chat

  • The son of YouTube's former CEO Susan Wojcicki has sadly passed away at 19.

  • Recent findings reveal that 76% of X's traffic during the Super Bowl weekend was NOT REAL. Oh, Elon. 🤡

  • LiveSpace is rolling out new stream alerts with BotRix.Live or StreamLabs for an enhanced streaming experience.

  • LiveSpace now offers a FREE link-in-bio tool for creators to streamline their profiles.

  • TheGrefg's ESLAND Awards for the Spanish-speaking streaming community drew in massive viewership on Twitch and YouTube. Here are the numbers: 1.7M Hours Watched | 475.8K Peak Viewers | 317.6K Average Viewers

  • Collabstr's 2024 Influencer Marketing Report is out, offering valuable insights into the industry's size, spending, and growth opportunities.

🎮 Gaming News

  • Helldivers 2 hit a massive 400,000 players on Steam but is facing ongoing server issues due the unexpected high traffic.

  • Disco Elysium's development studio is cutting 25% of its staff, including a key writer from the original game.

  • In 2023, Epic Games gave away games worth $586 million, attracting 40 million new users to their platform.

  • Call of Duty Esports players Scump and H3CZ are taking Activision to court, suing for $680 million accusing the company of having an “unlawful 100% monopoly”.

  • The CEO of Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer, comes under fire after publicly expressing frustration that Helldivers II did not launch on Xbox. A reply from a Respawn developer shot back questioning Phil Spencer’s culpability in recent layoffs after Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard.

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